Hi, I'm Amy 👋

I'm a

  • Front End Developer
  • Speaker
  • Dog Lover
  • MVP
  • Writer
  • Organiser
  • Mentor
  • Champion
  • Advocate
  • Conference Addict

I help businesses get online, and stay online.

At AimHigher we build modern & professional websites purpose made to be easily maintained by anyone, regardless of technical skill.

I speak at conferences about front end development, the web, mental health and life.

I also run in person and online workshops for a more in-depth focus on front end tech, both internally and alongside other events.

I mentor at events, helping more girls and women get involved in tech. This includes She Codes (formerly Perth Web Girls) and Muses Code JS (formerly NodeGirls).

I write blog posts. Sometimes I blog about tech, sometimes about the web, sometimes about life.

I'm a Microsoft MVP. This means I do a lot of work in my community and sharing what I've learnt in conference talks and blog posts.